Undeniably one of the most hotly contested market segments is the one where relatively reasonably-priced compact crossovers reside. Models such as the Tesla Model Y, Ford Mustang Mach-E and Volkswagen ID.4 are all vying for supremacy and whenever they are compared, not all reviewers and publications have the same opinions as to which one is best - all of these models are highly rated in comparisons, usually.

In this video comparo by Edmunds, host Carlos Lago explains what each model’s best and worst points are, but in the end he says that it’s not the all-singing, all-dancing Tesla Model Y or the very competent VW ID.4, but the Ford Mustang Mach-E that is the best EV in this company. You can watch his detailed 22-minute video to see how he reached that decision.

The video is still worth watching, even if you’ve already made your mind up as to which one you prefer and would like to buy. As you would expect, picking the best out of this very talented trio was not the easiest of tasks, especially since the vehicles are all very good in their own right and all have plus points that the others can’t match.

They recommend the Mustang Mach-E “ for most shoppers,” thanks to its blend of good looks, best-in-class driving dynamics and an interior they call “ highly functional,” as well as the ability to choose between a wide array of model variants. The Model Y is deemed the best buy for people who want to feel they have the most advanced tech on the market and the Supercharger network makes it the easiest to use, while the ID.4 is deemed “ difficult to recommend.”

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