We know the Tesla Model S Plaid is insanely fast in a straight line, but what is it like to use as a daily driver?

YouTube vlogger Drivers Only tries to answer that question after the first month of owning the fastest Tesla money can buy today. Now, you may say that one month is not that long to own a car, and you’d be right.

However, this owner can provide a far more accurate review of the Model S Plaid than many other vloggers who talk mainly about the car’s acceleration. Then there’s the fact that he previously owned a Model Y, so he can offer an interesting perspective about how different the two models are.

The specific car in the video rides on the optional 21-inch Arachnid wheels, which come with a 48-mile range penalty over the standard 20-inch rims. Despite that, the owner says that's totally worth it because they make the car look a whole lot better.

When it comes to the driving experience, the reviewer says the Model S Plaid is nicer to drive than the Model Y and more comfortable, which should not come as a big surprise. It’s smooth around town, but very planted when cornering at higher speeds, thanks to the adaptive air suspension.

That said, this user is not too thrilled with the yoke and says he’d rather have a normal steering wheel. As you would expect, the yoke is fine when driving straight, but in tight turns things can get awkward. The steering feel, however, is spot on in his book.

Also, the turn signals on the yoke are okay, but he says he would definitely prefer a traditional stalk. As for the rest of the interior, this review praises it as a significant improvement in terms of fit and finish, with a special mention for the seats that are more comfortable than before and the good practicality.

Obviously, the review is a lot more detailed and you’ll have to see all 19 minutes of it to learn more. Overall, the Model S Plaid is deemed a “fantastic” daily driver, if that's the answer you were looking for.

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