Taking delivery of a brand new car that you configured yourself is very exciting, especially when the vehicle you’re getting its the new Audi E-Tron GT. The new electric sedan from Audi is one of the most desirable EVs that’s not a Tesla, blending performance and handling with the inside and outside style that Audi customers are used to.

In fact, this is the biggest way in which it differs from the mechanically related Porsche Taycan sedan. Audi has tried to make the E-Tron seem closer to a traditional ICE vehicle, both inside and out, while Porsche went full out futuristic with the Taycan.

Brian from Brian’s EVoutlet takes delivery of his very own E-Tron GT, a black example with the Prestige package, as well as the Performance package and the Full Leather package. If you go for Prestige, the car gets a head-up display, active lane assist with traffic jam assist, mood lighting with customizable colors, heated rear seats and a B&O surround sound system.

However, in order to make the most of the E-Tron’s handling, you also need to spec the Performance pack that adds the all-important more advanced torque vectoring , as well as rear-wheel steering that should make the car handle even better. It also replaces some silver or chrome trim pieces with gloss black and this certainly is very fitting, especially on a black example like Brian’s car.

Our own Michael Cantu recently got a chance to drive the hottest version of the E-Tron GT, the fire-breathing RS, and he goes into a lot of detail and provides a lot of insight in his video review which we’ve added below.

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