Whether or not you're a fan of Doug DeMuro, he's been doing this for a long time, and he's racked up a whopping 4 million YouTube subscribers, and that's just on one of his channels. DeMuro has seemingly made a point to provide his take on as many upcoming EVs as possible, and now, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 joins the list.

In the video above, DeMuro spends over 23 minutes walking around the Ioniq 5, as well as stepping inside, to provide us with a detailed tour. He's quite thorough, though he does say he focuses on the electric crossover's "quirks and features." In fact, DeMuro says the Hyundai has some "unusual features," which he believes make it a "quirky crossover."

While every new car that comes to market, and every new EV, is different in some ways (range, styling, performance, passenger and cargo capacity, etc.), vehicles are also all the same in many ways. Rarely does a car have new features that have never, ever been considered or seen before, though there are certainly exceptions. Otherwise, everyone would still be driving cars like the Model T.

Are the Hyundai Ioniq 5's features really that unique, unusual, and quirky? If so, are these strange features actually functional and useful, or just novelties?? DeMuro points out crossover's "pixelated" brake lights, square headlights, and lights strip and squares on the mirrors and bumpers.

The Ioniq 5 also has a magnetic dashboard. Yes, it's like your fridge. You can bring some magnets into the car and place them right on the dash. Weird? Cool? If you're an avid magnet collector, this crossover is for you.

DeMuro says the quirkiest feature is related to the Ioniq 5's charge port. More pixels! However, more interesting is the adaptor that allows you to plug in other items while the car is charging.

DeMuro has a whole lot more to share in the video. Check out his impressions of the Ioniq 5. Then, scroll down and start a conversation in our comment section.

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