In this informative episode of the ABCs of EVs we focus on the letter A, which relates to ampere and AH when it comes to EVs.

Gone are the days when talking cars was a familiar exercise to everyone horsepower, torque and miles per gallon. EVs have ushered in a whole range of benefits, but they’ve also brought a whole range of new terminology. Watts, kW, kWh, Volts, AC, DC, Amps…there’s a lot to get your head around.

That’s why here at ThEVoxNetwork we try to dig into the details of these new concepts and bring you the bits you need to know about.  

Today on the ABC of EVs we’re looking at Amps. Now don’t worry folks, there won’t be any Electrical Engineering degrees handed out in this video! We just want to know some of the basics so we understand our EVs a bit better! 

So, go ahead and check out the video to find out everything you need to know about amps, ampere and Ah.

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