Porsche made a big deal out of the fact that even though it was entering the EV market with the Taycan, its first series electric model would still be a Porsche through and through. Now that the Taycan has been driven by the majority of the automotive press, this has been confirmed and it’s now widely regarded as not only the best-to-drive EV, but also a ‘ real Porsche ‘ that handles like you expect it to.

And this was no mean feat to achieve, because the Taycan, regardless of version, is a very heavy car, burdened by the big battery pack that lies in its floorpan. Porsche’s three-box electric model has been racking up positive review after positive review, the most recent of which comes from well known British car vlogger, JayEmm on Cars.

Jay arrived at an unusual conclusion after his first drive in a Taycan Turbo. He stated that not only was the car very good to drive, but based on his experience, he prefers it to a Porsche 911. This is a bold statement to make, given the fact that the 911 is a sports car institution, established over the course of decades, but it really gives credit to the engineers and designers who created the Taycan.

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