EV Co-Driver is a game-changing technology that solves the range anxiety problem that all EV drivers face. Allowing EV drivers to set their destination and arrive without worry about when and where they will need to charge by connecting to charging networks and estimating EV range. This allows EV Co-Driver to reroute you to the most convenient charging station and removes the major concern of charging station availability.

EV owners experience that their EV’s electric range varies depending on its weight, average speed and acceleration and when climbing steep hills. For example, the EPA combined range rating of the 2018 Nissan LEAF is officially 151 miles based on 112 MPGe. The value 112 MPGe is a combined rating of 125 MPGe in the city and 110 MPGe on the highway. Additionally, any change in elevation during a trip has a considerable impact on the total possible EV range. If a road has an uphill grade of 1.5% and the average acceleration is 0.1 m/s², the electric range on a full charge should be around 126 miles. However, in the case of a downhill grade of 3%, energy consumption could be zero or regenerative energy may be generated and increase battery level.

As the actual electric range is different depending on the drive driving situation and road conditions, it is important to route and navigate an EV trip by estimating the EV’s battery level.

EV Co-Driver released a new application version 2.1.2 in early December 2020. The new version brings a drastic improvement for energy consumption calculation technology unique to EV Co-Driver. Using actual data based on your current planned route, including estimated speed, acceleration and change in elevation to estimate the EV’s remaining battery level precisely while offering turn-by-turn navigation.


Uphill from Scotts Valley to Summit on CA-17 Downhill from Summit on CA-17 to Scotts Valley

The distance of the uphill drive and the downhill drive is the same around 6.5-6.6 miles, however, 2018 Nissan LEAF’s energy consumption of the uphill drive was 10% (4.0 kWh) and that of the downhill drive was zero. EV Co-Driver ver. 2.1.2 accurately calculated the estimated battery level as shown above.

EV Co-Driver continuously estimates the latest battery level and also remotely monitors the condition of charging stations to dynamically find the fastest route without risk of running out of charge while navigating with turn-by-turn driving directions. Download EV Co-Driver and start driving your EV without worry about your battery and take advantage of its best-in-class navigation features.

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