When Toyota designed the previous incarnations of the Mirai sedan, it’s as if it was made intentionally odd looking to drive people away. And it really didn’t need to do that, especially since in its fuel-cell electric guise, it wasn’t hugely attractive to many people to begin with.

However, with the all-new and radically different model, Toyota is clearly more intent to actually sell the Mirai, a vehicle that has just been driven by automotive journalists for the very first time. What are they saying about it?

Well, the consensus is that it’s a whole lot more attractive a proposition compared to the outgoing Mirai. Alex on Autos, for instance, who actually owns the previous-gen Mirai FCV, is totally on board with the formula changes that Toyota made to the model. In his view, the new Mirai is a slightly smaller and reinterpreted version of the Lexus LS with an unusual powertrain choice.

What is it like to drive? Alex says that out on the road it does feel a lot like the Lexus on steel springs, but it’s not got quite the same level of refinement. He adds that Toyota’s efforts to make it feel like a real sports sedan have paid off - it’s a great handling thing, but even though it’s the world’s most powerful production FCV, with just 182 horsepower on tap, it’s not going to be the quickest.

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