We get a first look at the Alpha multimedia charger as well as updates on the full line of home EV charging products.

We've been talking to you for months about United Chargers and its lineup of Grizzl-E brand electric vehicle charging products. There's the 40-amp Classic Grizzle-E home charger and the Grizzl-E Power Control And Payment Solution (PCPS) for commercial applications like small businesses and apartment buildings.

The Classic Grizzl-E, which can deliver up to 10 kW of power, is available today from United Chargers at the low starting price of $399.00. It's an incredible value compared with EV chargers from other brands that cost hundreds more. In fact, we like it so much after using it for a couple of months to charge the EVs that we had on media loan for test drive reviews, that we named the Grizzl-E Classic our Top Choice for non-smart home chargers in 2020.

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