Finally, electric cars are coming to market to rival Tesla. Healthy competition is a wonderful thing. No, we can only hope everything falls into place and Lucid is successful in bringing the Lucid Air to market. 

If you follow the space, you have almost certainly already heard about the Lucid Air and seen images and video of it. However, there's a good chance you haven't seen one in person. In fact, few people have enjoyed that opportunity. Fortunately for us at home, Forrest's Auto Reviews pays a visit to the Lucid Air Dream Edition, and he takes us along for the show. It's as if we're in the showroom taking in every detail about the car.

Forrest meets with Lucid's VP of Design Derek Jenkins to talk about the Lucid Air. Initially, Forrest hands it over to Jenkins to provide an initial walkaround of the car since he knows best about the Air Dream Edition. The Dream Edition is the launch edition of the upcoming Air electric sedan. This particular car is wearing a limited-edition Eureka Gold paint color. Jenkins highlights many of the details we've learned about the Air, but it's helpful getting it all from his perspective, and with the vehicle on hand.

Once Jenson is done with his presentation, Forrest gets a lengthy opportunity to explore the Lucid Air inside and out. There's no doubt the Air is futuristic, luxurious, and spacious. According to Lucid, it will be able to travel up to 517 miles on a single charge and it can tackle the quarter-mile in less than 10 seconds. The Dream Edition will be priced at $169,000 and is set to arrive next spring. The base model won't come until 2022, with a sub-$80,000 starting price.

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