We get a first look at the Alpha multimedia charger as well as updates on the full line of home EV charging products.

We've been talking to you for months about United Chargers and its lineup of Grizzl-E brand electric vehicle charging products. There's the 40-amp Classic Grizzle-E home charger and the Grizzl-E Power Control And Payment Solution (PCPS) for commercial applications like small businesses and apartment buildings.

The Classic Grizzl-E, which can deliver up to 10 kW of power, is available today from United Chargers at the low starting price of $399.00. It's an incredible value compared with EV chargers from other brands that cost hundreds more. In fact, we like it so much after using it for a couple of months to charge the EVs that we had on media loan for test drive reviews, that we named the Grizzl-E Classic our Top Choice for non-smart home chargers in 2020.

Grizzl-E Power Control And Payment Solution
United Chargers Commercial Units have a low-cost to install, and higher return than competitive public charging solutions

The PCPH Lite

United Chargers' PCPh Lite, meanwhile, is currently only available for pre-order. The PCPH Lite version has already begun production, and we expect the PCPH Lite to be available in the US as soon as January 1st, 2021. As for the Canadian market, United Chargers is targeting a slightly later date as the unit is still undergoing the certification process.

The Mini Grizzl-E

Now it's time to share some exciting news about another product that United Chargers will be adding to its family of home EV charging equipment, the Mini Grizzl-E.

The Mini Grizzl-E is a true smart OCPP charger, it doesn't just call itself a smart charger without having true smart-charging features as some competitors do. The big difference is that it has built-in OCPP compliance. Having OCPP compliance means the Mini Grizzl-E can participate in demand response utility programs that can save a lot of money over time because it can help utilities flatten their demand curve.

Grizzl-E Future Products Sneak Peek
The Mini Grizzl-E is a small, lightweight yet powerful smart charger

The Mini Grizzl-E can be controlled from your phone, and it can deliver the same high-powered 10 kW as the Classic Grizzl-E. Customers can even control the maximum power delivery from the app to limit the amount of power it delivers if it's plugged into a lower-amperage circuit.

Very few EVs today can actually accept more than 10 kW, and don't worry if your EV cannot accept that much power. The car and the charger communicate to determine how much power the vehicle can accept and how much power the charger can provide. The car then determines how much power it takes in. Therefore, even if your EV can only accept 7 kW, you can use the Mini Grizzl-E without worrying that the charger will send too much power to your EV.

The Mini Grizzl-E can also receive Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, so its technology is virtually future proof! Lastly, despite being a true smart charger, the Mini Grizzl-E is, as its name implies, significantly smaller than its big brother. The compact design allows the Mini Grizzl-E to be easily transported to a winter cabin or summer home so you can charge up rapidly while you're on vacation. 

The Mini Grizzl-E is undergoing final testing and certification. It's expected to be available in the  US in early 2021 and in Canada a few months later.

Grizzl-E Future Products Sneak Peek

The Avalanche Edition

United Chargers will once again expand its offerings with the launch of the Avalanche Edition, a clean, sophisticated-looking version of the Grizzl-E Classic charger. Beginning next week, customers in the US will be able to order the Avalance Edition from the United Chargers website. Canadian customers will have to wait a few more weeks, again for certification. United Chargers expects the Avalance Edition to be available in Canada sometime in December.

The Avalanche Edition's case is white and features a matching white cable – the perfect combo to install in your modern garage. It joins the camouflaged Extreme Edition as another alternative to the standard Grizzl-E's basic black look.

The Alpha

However, the biggest news for United Chargers may very well be around its yet-to-be-released Alpha EV charger. The Alpha is a high-end product, with all of the great features of the Grizzl-E, plus more. Pre-orders for the Alpha are surprisingly high even without the release of the full specifications and any supporting demonstrational videos. It's apparent that customers see the value in the Alpha, and have confidence in the United Chargers brand to order a product before they've even seen it in action. 

United Chargers Alpha
The United Chargers Alpha, undergoing final testing before its release on two Nissan LEAFs they recently purchased for in-house testing. The two cars were affectionately named “Don’t Panic’ and “Gretta”.

The Alpha is nearing release, and pre-orders are being taken on the United Chargers Alpha website. The preorder price is only $599.00, saving you $100, which is a bargain for such an advanced, powerful EV charger. 

What makes the Alpha so special? For starters, it has adjustable power delivery from 3.3 kW all the way up to 10 kW, allowing the Alpha to recharge any EV from empty to full overnight. The alpha is also an OCPP-compliant smart charger and is the world's first interactive multimedia EV charger. The Alpha will come pre-loaded with applications, with additional apps being added monthly with OTA updates. United Chargers is also allowing 3rd party apps through a dedicated app store in the future. 

The Alpha has a 7" crisp touch screen, a 25-foot premium cable, is built with UL-Certified components, and will come with an industry-best, 5-year/5 MWh full-replacement warranty. Many EV chargers today only come with a 1-year warranty, signaling that the manufacturer doesn't have confidence that the product will last very long. That's not true with United Chargers, as they stand behind all of their products with multi-year full replacement warranties.

The Grizzl-E Duo

As if all of this United Chargers news wasn't enough, we also need to mention that the Grizzl-E Duo, a 10-kW compact smart charger with the ability to power share and charge two EVs at once, if also nearing production. Use one 50-amp circuit to charge two EVs without needing to add another circuit and buy a 2nd EV charger. 

The Grizzl-E Duo will feature a master as well as a slave plug. When two EVs are plugged in at once, the master plug will take priority and charge that EV first. Once the charging session is complete on the first car, the second one will automatically charge, giving you two fully-charged EVs by morning.

More details on United Chargers' PCPH Lite, Mini Grizzl-E, Grizzl-E Avalance Edition, the Alpha, the Duo, and other future products will be revealed in future articles, including on-sale dates, pricing, and final specs. Stay tuned! 

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