It seems popular poker YouTuber Jeff Boski has spent a bit of time watching Doug DeMuro videos. Either he idolizes the well-known automotive reviewer, or he's having a good time poking some fun at DeMuro. This ... this ... this is Boski's Tesla Model Y Performance story.

In this video, Boski goes into great detail about his Tesla Model Y, from COVID delays to eventual delivery, terrible fit and finish issues, overall pros and cons of the electric car, and the amazing transformation it has undergone.

The Model Y first came to market in March, right at the beginning of the worst global pandemic we've seen in years. Needless to say, Tesla wasn't able to deliver the electric crossover in huge numbers at first. Once deliveries started, the car received rave reviews across the board, though the usual Tesla quality control concerns have come to the forefront as of late.

Boski, like most other Tesla owners, loves his car for many reasons. We've learned over time that Tesla's huge lead in the EV space, its exclusive Supercharger network, its vehicles' long range, and their cutting-edge tech features, among other positives, seem to make owners look past more trivial issues like paint blemishes and misaligned panels. However, Boski's Model Y came with a host of issues inside and out.

Boski joins the club of Model Y owners facing plenty of quality concerns. He gives us an up-close look at the laundry list of problems in the video. Tesla did attempt to fix the car, though more issues followed. Service was less than positive in many ways.

In the end, once most of his fit and finish issues are resolved, Boski takes his car to Theodore "The Specialist" for some truly incredible treatment. Check out the video to see the finished product. Perhaps you'll be a bit jealous like we are.

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