Does the Model 3 deserve all the attention and awards?

AutoTrader's Rory Reid asks if the Tesla Model 3 is the world's best car. He's well aware that AutoTrader's readers are enamored with the electric car. The small Tesla sedan received Autotrader's Car of the Year award (as voted for by the people) at its annual New Car Awards. But, what makes it so great, and will its popularity stand the test of time?

The Tesla Model 3 has sold better than Tesla's previous models by leaps and bounds. Initially, some people may have blamed the hype. It took years for the Model 3 to come to market – billed as Tesla's first affordable, mainstream offering. Once available, it wasn't produced in its inexpensive configurations, and its production was limited. After many months, the Model 3 became widely available, and eventually, you could actually get the "cheap" Model 3.

Ever since those days, the Model 3 has been selling extremely well across the globe. Even now that the Model Y crossover has come to market, which was expected to be even more popular than the Model 3, we're still hearing all sorts of buzz about the midsize sedan.

While the Model 3's exterior design isn't wildly innovative, its interior certainly is. In fact, many automakers are using the Model 3's interior as an example for their upcoming EVs. Its entertainment features are fantastic. It's a blast to drive, and not just because of its instant acceleration. Reid says Tesla's Autopilot system makes technology on all other cars look behind the times.

Do you think the Model 3 is the best car available today? Does it deserve to be the people's Car of the Year? Leave us your thoughts below.

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