It's time to unload the old Model S. This Tesla road trip begins with two Teslas and ends with one.

Our own Kyle Conner (Out of Spec Motoring) is on the road again, this time to deliver a used Model S to its new owner. Of course, this is the perfect reason for a two Tesla road trip.

This Tesla road trip is a bit unique since it features an older Model S and a Model 3. Conner drives the Model S, while his girlfriend Alyssa chooses to pilot the Model 3. They leave home in North Carolina in two Teslas, head to South Carolina to unload the Model S, and return home with just one Tesla. 

It's hard to keep up with Conner's cars. He owns a Model 3 Performance and a smart fortwo ED. Many of the other cars we've seen him feature are owned by friends or are automaker test cars. He does own an old Model S too, but this particular Model S belonged to his dad. It's a P85+, which was the top-spec car when it was new.

While it's surely not the cheapest Model S P85+, Conner sold it pretty cheap. You can find similar cars available used in the low $20,000 range. This car sold for $27,800. Like we've said before, if you want the cheapest Tesla, a used Model S is the way to go, at least for now.

This road trip is fun and educational, just like Conner's other road trips. However, we do have to say that this one is especially entertaining. We love Kyle, but Alyssa adds an additional element. You just have to watch to understand.

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