If you’re new to PHEVs then videos like these one provided by BMW are actually a pretty good resource.

For some the idea of buying a plug-in hybrid might seem like a bit of a daunting prospect. You not only have to fill it up with fuel, but you also have to keep it charged to make the most of it and this might make some people anxious about owning a PHEV.

BMW is definitely aware of this and has been making various educational videos to help prospective buyers understand how its plug-in vehicles work; these videos are also a good resource for those who already own a PHEV (regardless of brand) to  make the most of their electrified cars.

The first video explains the different types of chargers you can use at home, the app provided by BMW that allows users to set the car to charge only within certain hours, as well as precondition it before a journey. The second video focuses more on what the upsides of a PHEV are over a normal ICE car and how best to take advantage of them.


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