The Tesla Model 3 is widely popular across the globe. At this point, if you're considering buying one, there's a ton of information available online via videos, forums, social media, mainstream media, and automotive websites.

With that said, when the Model 3 first came to market, there wasn't much information available. It's safe to say Tesla isn't nearly as transparent as most other automakers when it comes to making information available and responding to questions. When it debuts a new vehicle, and even when it brings the car to market, there are a lot of details that are missing or, at the least, unclear.

Fortunately, Tesla owners help keep one another informed. Tesla Model 3 owner Vincent Stahl has had his car for some time. He recounts all the questions he had before buying the car. Stahl says he wishes he knew all of this before buying. In an effort to assist future Model 3 owners – and really Model Y owners, too – Stahl put together this list with questions and answers.

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Video Description via Vincent Stahl on YouTube:

Everything I wish I knew Before I Bought a Tesla Model 3

I had a lot of questions before I bought the Tesla Model 3 and this was some of the answers I wish I knew before I got it.

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