We say this time and time again. If you own an electric car, let your friends, family, and neighbors drive it. Talk about it at social gatherings. People simply aren't that informed when it comes to EVs, and there's a good chance they're turned off to the tech due to false and negative statements they've heard. If they drive it, they may buy it.

We've seen many videos of people reacting during their first experience in a Tesla. Sometimes they're passengers and other times they get to drive the car. In this recent video, YouTuber Vas K lets his good friend Justin check out the Tesla Model 3 Performance. Vas covers all types of cars, but he makes it clear Justin is a hardcore GM fan. He's from Michigan, he loves the Corvette and GM pickup trucks, and he's super-critical of most other cars.

Needless to say, Justin is pleasantly surprised by the Model 3. Hopefully, Vas K's advocacy will mean Justin could be in the market for a Tesla Cybertruck down the road. This video not only works to prove that people need to experience EVs, but it could also be something to share with your non-EV-friendly family and friends to show them exactly how these cars work, as well as what the driving experience is like.

Video Description via Vas K on YouTube:

GM Owner Drives Tesla Model 3 Performance... "I'm Sold"

My good friend and GM enthusiast Justin (IG:@boyle1293) checks out the Tesla Model 3 Performance. Find out what happens in this video!

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