We've reported about many epic Tesla road trips in the past. In fact, when we recently shared a 13,000-mile Tesla Model 3 road trip with you — which also ended up being an EV Cannonball Run record — we thought that was an incredible distance. However, it pales in comparison to this 115,000-mile journey.

The more recent trip was taken by Model 3 owner Arthur Driessen. According to his Twitter account, he's also a music producer, audio engineer, and sound designer. As you'll likely notice, this is all abundantly clear in his video shares. In fact, we'd argue that he should add video producer to the list, since his work is quite impressive.

In addition to his tweets about the journey and his YouTube channel, Driessen has a website dedicated to documenting his travels in his Model 3. Upon visiting the website, you can add your email to get updates about the trip. He shares his experiences with the Supercharger network, the car's handling and overall performance battery degradation, and plenty of info other about what he likes and dislikes about the Model 3.

Below the video description, we've embedded the rest of Voyage Without Carbon's videos. They're much shorter than the above overview video. Check them all out and then leave us a comment.

Video Description via Voyage Without Carbon on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage - 115,000 mi Overview

Since receiving his vehicle in April 2018, Arthur Driessen has accumulated 115,000 mi traveling across America exploring the Tesla Supercharging Network. Today he gives his thoughts on the car.

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