Here at InsideEVs, we have a very committed team. We are always looking for the best stories for you. Not only the most up to date stuff or articles that can help you but also those that can be merely entertaining, even if in an informative way. That has paid off big time, and 2019 is a year to celebrate.

These 20 stories were the ones our audience chose to turn into trendy articles. They are just part of all our efforts but are very representative of what you like to read. We hope you enjoy remembering them by revisiting the texts, having a second look at the photo galleries, and getting a good laugh, sometimes.

This is our way to thank you for the time you spent with us, sharing our stories, or sometimes correcting us. Thank you for that as well: there is no better way to tell accurate stories than listening to what our readers have to say. For all that, we say a warm goodbye to 2019 but also hope that 2020 does not make us miss it. May it be even more generous to us all.

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