When you are in charge of the oldest car magazine still in operation, what do you do with new technology? If you are Jim Holder, the editorial director of Autocar, you try to get knowledge from it. And he learned 12 things about EVs that he decided to share at LinkedIn in a personal and engaging text.

Gallery: Kia Niro EV (e-Niro) in UK

Holder describes the whole experience involved in taking his wife and kids on an electric-only journey to West Wales for their summer holidays. It was an 800-mile road trip that could have ended up with him “divorced and with children who no longer wanted to know me,” but the e-Niro – which we call Niro EV in the US – spared him from this chaos.

Some of the lessons he extracted from the trip are the everyday business to people that own EVs, but Holder managed to have them in a short period. More than that, he chose not to keep it to himself. He could, considering it was so personal. And that is what makes the text even more enjoyable.

Holder found the usual people that think they can block progress by blocking charging points. He also found a perfect definition for these guys. He learned EV people are extremely helpful, real advocates of a culture change that seems to have become appealing for him in the end.

Kia Niro EV (e-Niro)

He also faced the hurdles of needing a charge and facing broken or weak charges on the way, and the payment standard that many countries still lack. Holder also praised the most extended range possible. As he says, it doesn’t only get you from A to B. It gives you options you would not have with a small battery pack.

That is one of the reasons for one of his conclusions on Tesla, but not the only one. We will not tell you which it is so that you give his text a look. Some of the lessons we talked about here are also just the tip of what he shares. Read his text.

Kia Niro EV (e-Niro)

If you are already convinced electricity is the future of personal mobility, you may think there is nothing new to what he says. But remember Holder talks mostly to petrolheads. They are either averse to EVs or reluctantly trying to consider them.

Holder’s last learning may be what will lead them to accept something EV fans know for ages: the only way to escape mass transportation as its single option is to make its personal approach clean and sensible. As EVs have.

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