Ignoring its appearance, these are the top five reasons why Americans will flock to and buy the Tesla Cybertruck. It makes a statement and its cheap. But there's more to it than just that.

This brief video clip sums up the reasons Americans will want to buy the Cybertruck, even if they don't approve of the looks of this edgy Tesla.

Focusing on the top 5 reasons, the video lays them out as follows:

Attention - Advertising 101

The Cybertruck will draw loads of attention for business use. Show up in the Cybertruck and people will notice.

Positive Brand Image - Advertising 101

Image is everything in business and the cutting-edge Cybertruck will provide your business with a strong, forward-looking brand image. Smart, innovative and on the forefront of technology.

Save Dat Money - $$$$

The Cybertruck is less expensive to operate than any other truck out there and it can be bought for as cheap as a Tesla Model 3.

Utility - Get Shit Done

It's got an ample bed. It has electric outlets in the bed. It has a solar bed cover option. It has a front trunk. It has storage under the rear bed and in the side sails. It can go anywhere and do everything.

It's Time - Knee of the curve

Technology is changing quickly and the future is bright. It's time to get ahead of others and to not get stuck in the knee of the curve. The Cybertruck is already well above the knee.

What are your thoughts on these top 5 reasons why Americans will buy the Cybertruck? They seem to make perfect sense to us. If we had to add a sixth reason, it would be that the blank slate design allows for some extreme levels of alterations, like wraps, lift kits and so much more.

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Video description via Emmett Short on YouTube:

After letting the CyberTruck event sink in and thinking about all the potential for this new class of vehicle, I have become convinced that I'm not such an outlier for liking this truck from the beginning.

I think Americans will flock to this care for a bunch of reasons and that includes the looks, but this video is about 5 reasons besides looks for why America will buy the Cybertruck.

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