You certainly love EVs and think they are the future of personal transportation. Not only because of environmental concerns but also because they make sense. Anyway, are you capable of correctly identifying all EV warning symbols, or are there some you still don’t know? developed the quiz above precisely to test that.

Have You Already Taken This Quiz On EV Warning Symbols?

You may consider you are an expert on electric vehicles, but you may surprise yourself with some of the symbols above. Some are so obvious you will not even think about them to answer. Some will make you scratch your head. Some others will seem to be repeated, which they probably are.

This quiz makes us think about the standards for electric car symbols. Has anyone ruled them? Are all EV producers following those standards? What if some have a symbol, and others have another one for the same thing? It also demonstrates there is still a lot of education needed for EV adoption, even if as simple as the symbols may be.

As reminds us, this quiz helps assess how prepared are drivers to have an electric car. It is crucial to notice that the warning lights are not just an indication of what may be wrong with the vehicles. They may also help drivers know how to proceed in case they show up on the dashboard.

Have You Already Taken This Quiz On EV Warning Symbols?

You may get the perfect score on this quiz, but what about the people that think that EVs require gas to run? They are 42 percent of Americans, according to Ford. This quiz may help them know a little more about EVs. It may even get them interested in learning that EVs run on electricity.

As you surely know someone that could have fun or just learn with this quiz, challenge them to try it. Make a competition to see who goes better at home, in your lunchtime at the office, or anywhere you think it could be entertaining. It will also be enlightening to many.

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