You can't always believe what you see and read, especially when it comes to Tesla.

Yes, Tesla vehicles and other EVs, in general, have their fair share of issues (much like that of any car). However, it's important to note that there are many people and organizations out there that are not on board with EVs, not to mention they outright hate Tesla.

Moreover, new and successful technology has the potential to overtake old technology, so many of these naysayers have lots to lose if Tesla and EV tech takes hold and becomes the norm in the future.

With the above said, you may want to be ultimately careful about the information you glean and belive from social media and mass-media shares since it might be "fueled" by those who want to assure that EVs don't succeed and, more specifically, Tesla fails miserably. There is an entire network of folks that are working to assure Tesla goes bankrupt and EVs become a thing of the past.

Our good friend Tesla Raj dives in and takes a closer look at these Tesla and EV myths to educate us and make sure we're aware that most are surely not the case in the real world.

Check out his video and then leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via Tesla Raj on YouTube:

Debunking Tesla Myths

I commonly see people assuming I drive a very expensive car or confused on how electric cars even work. I also am surprised that many still don't understand the clear advantages of electric vehicles so I decided to make a video addressing some of those concerns to further help the education and assistance in transitioning more people to sustainable energy transportation!

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