The Tesla Cybertruck debuted late on Thursday to myriad reactions. Wearing a bulletproof stainless steel skin, it rolled onto the reveal stage looking like it was fresh off a movie set – or possibly a time traveler from 50 years in a dystopian future – and instantly created millions of strong opinions. 

Funny thing about opinions, though: even the most forceful may change with time. That's especially true when it comes to things like the aesthetics of an object. Our brains have a tendency to normalize objects that were bizarre to us when we first saw them. It just takes more exposure to the object to make it less weird.

That may be the case here. Indeed, many people have noted that their first impression of the Cybertruck's appearance was not a positive one. Yet, many of those same people joined hundreds of thousands of others and placed a pre-order.

Of course, appearance is just one aspect to consider. The InsideEVs team takes a look at the whole of the vehicle promised for production a couple of years hence and gives us their thoughts. We were pretty polarized on reveal night, let's see how our opinions have evolved. Or not.

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