Can we really say that people should only buy the Tesla Model 3 over all other EVs? Well, we can say it — and so can Shelby Church and others — since everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, the best opinions are the ones that are supported by a long list of facts.

Some people will read the headline here and be immediately unhappy. This is because everyone has different priorities and it typically isn't fair to single out one product above all others. However, Shelby Church has some solid reasoning behind her advice. In summary, Tesla is just far ahead of all other automakers when it comes to electric vehicles and related infrastructure.

We should also point out the Shelby is not the only person who feels this way. Just have a look at EV sales and you'll see that the Model 3 is exponentially more popular than any other electric vehicle on the market today.

By exponentially, we mean the in the U.S., for example, the Model 3 outsells the next best-selling battery-electric car by some 8-10 times, Tesla accounts for well over half of all EVs sold in the States, and the Model 3 is outselling rival gas-powered cars, which is something that can't be said about any other EV.

Shelby rented other EVs and kept an open mind in her exploration of the Model 3's "competition." She admits that she liked some aspects of rival electric vehicles, but none could ever convince her to stray from the Model 3. She lists five reasons the Tesla is the only way to go:

For more details, check out the video above. Then leave us your list in the comments below.

Video Description via Shelby Church on YouTube:

The Tesla Model 3 Is The Only Electric Car Worth Buying ... Here's Why

Why I think the Tesla Model 3 (or X or S) is the only electric car worth buying. Do you agree or disagree?!

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