The brave new world of EVs cannot rely solely on proven fans of their advantages to get bigger. It needs to convince people that are still afraid to adopt them that they are fantastic value for the money. With that goal, Select Car Leasing has elaborated a list of the five best EVs for sale in the UK, as well as the five best PHEVs – all under £40,000.

Although this list focused on the British market, it could also apply to other countries and customers looking to visit the gas stations just once in a while. Or never again. Check out the list and tell us if you agree or disagree with it.

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It’s official, electric cars have arrived, with 2019 being seen by many motoring experts as the year the UK public start to go electric. The UK is on course for 60% of its new cars to be electric by 2030, according to current growth projections by Chargemaster.

However, to many people, electric cars are still a relative rarity on UK roads, only hearing about them from friends and family, or motoring shows such as Top Gear and The Grand Tour. This means many consumers looking to purchase a new, economically friendly vehicle still have so many questions about electric cars and their capabilities. In order to help anyone looking at buying or leasing a car in 2019, Select Car Leasing has created the most comprehensive electric car guide, answering all the key questions that consumers have about electric cars before they make the plunge to buy or lease an electric car.

Use our interactive graph below, which displays every electric and hybrid car currently available in the UK, along with those to be released in the near future. Compare the range, performance, efficiency and review rating of each car by using the handy filters in the top left-hand corner of the graph to find the right electric car for you. You can view the graph in full here.

Each EV can be categorised by:

· Price (the circle size is indicative of the vehicles starting price)

· Top Speed (mph)

· Acceleration (0-60mph)

· Range in miles

· Efficiency (kWh)

· Reviews (1-10 ⭐) The average rating is calculated from industry leading car publications

Using the tool easily filter and compare the features most important to you to identify which EV offers the most for your money. For example, Select have identified the best value all-electric vehicles under £40k on the Market right now by filtering the data by Range and Price.

As well as the best value hybrid-electrics under £40k:

Rank Model Range (miles) Rating (Out of 10) Price Efficiency (Wh/mi)

1 1. Hyundai IONIQ Plug-in 554 7.5 £28,395 270

2 1. Kia Optima Sportwagon PHEV 564 6.5 £35,145 390

3 1. Toyota Prius Plug in Hybrid 709 5.5 £31,695 280

4 1. Kia Niro PHEV 494 6 £30,495 320

5 1. Kia Optima Plug-in Hybrid 537 6 £33,995 370

Whether you are after a car that is super efficient, has an impressive top speed or is simply just rated the highest, this tool allows you to easily compare each car side by side, with further information available when hovering over each circle.