So, you're looking to buy a used Tesla? You'd like to get the best deal you can, but still stick with a newer car with low miles, plenty of features, etc.? How can you assure you're getting the best price out there?

Well, it might all come down to your color choice above and beyond much else. If you're okay with a used Tesla Model S in brown or a used Model X that's blue, you might get a pretty fantastic deal. If not, check out gray or green Model S sedans and/or red or silver Model X crossovers.

Yes, we all know that some people may put plenty of weight on a car's color and exterior, but it's really what's inside that counts. We'll have you know that while Tesla has chosen black and white as its cheapest colors of choice for the Model 3, those are the most sought-after used vehicle colors, so choosing a Model S or Model X — and even eventually a Model 3 — in those colors may cost you more.

A recent study by iSeeCars breaks down which used Teslas (and other EVs) tend to cost the most and least due to their exterior colors. The publication looked at some 4.1 million vehicles to come to their conclusions. 

Sadly, iSeeCars doesn't yet have such data on used Model 3 vehicles, but we can all but guarantee that data will come in the future. In the meantime, let's take a look at the current charts:


Taking a look at all used EV models covered by iSeeCars is very interesting as well:

used EV model discounts by color

At any rate, you can check out the full study by clicking on the source link below. As always, we'd love to read your comments.

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