Did Anderson Cooper learn about EVs by reading the newspaper?

At the beginning of September, we disappointedly wrote an article to address Anderson Cooper’s idea that electric cars are slower and less potent than ICE vehicles. Has he never heard of any Tesla? Perhaps he is reading The New York Times’ articles on EVs. Fortunately, so is Ben Sullins, from Teslanomics. Since he knows a thing or two about electric cars, he could correct one of these articles in a remarkable video “open letter” to the newspaper. The one right above.

Ivan Penn wrote the text. He took a Chevy Bolt from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and he concluded that electric vehicles are not ready for the mainstream. Really.

Penn says there are not enough charging points on that route. That he wasted 5 hours charging and 8 hours more driving. Finally, the reporter claims he has spent $67 to make this journey, or just $10 less than he would have with a combustion-engined car. 

In a very polite way, Sullins debunks all the misleading claims the article brings one by one. And he did not even address the fact that EVs are much more energy-efficient than gas-powered vehicles. That alone would make it impossible for the bill to be even close to that of filling the tank of an ICE car.

As Sullins points out, The New York Times will probably ignore his open letter. Nonetheless, its purpose was not to have the newspaper present a correction – which would be very welcome, by the way. Sullins just wanted to fight fake news and let people know better about electric mobility. Mission accomplished, Sullins. 

Video Description Via Teslanomics On YouTube.

On June 22, 2019 the NYT posted an article arguing that EVs weren't ready for mainstream because their reporter took a road trip from LA to Vegas with undesirable results. Here's that same road trip done in a Tesla. See the vlog from this trip at https://patreon.com/teslanomics

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