There was a huge expectation that the Porsche Taycan would compete with Tesla vehicles. However, the cruel reality denies that entirely. When you compare the Model S to the Taycan, you see Porsche aimed at it in development, but pricing puts them entirely apart. You can buy six Model 3 Standard Range Plus for the cost of a fully-loaded Taycan. Despite that, people still believe the Taycan is a Tesla killer. Or that the American company should be worried about it, such as the video above.

The TFLCar YouTube channel made a partnership with Alex On Autos and sent him to Denmark for a Taycan test drive. Alex's review is still under embargo – as is ours, with Tom Moloughney at the steering wheel. Anyway, he mentions substantial aspects of the Taycan that should make Tesla worried.

One of them is that Porsche’s electric sedan has an 800V system that allows it to fast charge. The other is that it has a regenerative braking system that produces up to 265 kW, much more than any Tesla is capable of recovering.

While these may be important things to consider, there are concerns with such a high voltage battery pack. Pasi Pennanen, Toroidion’s CEO, told InsideEVs that current packs already pose a considerable risk of electrocution already.

The fact is that the Taycan’s only threat it to current Porsche vehicles as we know them, as we have already mentioned in an article. With its current prices, the Taycan poses no threat to any Tesla vehicle for sale. Perhaps not even to the future Tesla Roadster. And there is another video that also addresses that. Have a look when you can.

Video Description Via The Fast Lane Car On YouTube:

The 2020 Porsche Taycan Tubo S is the first real competitor to the Tesla Model S. In this first drive review video we you'll see why the 2020 Porsche Taycan is a real threat to the Tesla.

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