Graham Stephan told his viewers on YouTube why his Tesla Model 3 was the best car business choice he ever made in his life. To his surprise, the car did not end up costing him $78 a month, as he expected. He says that, after that video, his Tesla Model 3 was for free. But that is underestimating his own work.

First of all, he already had a YouTube channel with more than 1 million subscribers. No one gets that much attention out of the blue. Not even successful artists that decide to have a YouTube channel all of a sudden. There’s a lot of effort involved.

Secondly, Stephan had to plan the video, shoot it, edit it, and do lots of research and calculations to show what a good business the Tesla Model 3 actually was. As we said, it is cheaper to own than a Toyota Camry.

As the video went viral, he earned $49,395.13 in six months from YouTube only with its audience. The whole channel, which must have benefited from the views on this video, has also generated him even more cash. When you know he financed the entire car price, which was $44,430, you would have the impression that his car even gave him a profit.

tesla model 3 78 dollars

But the truth is that what made him earn that much money was his hard work in gathering so many subscribers, having excellent math skills and working a lot on a video that was a huge success. As this new one also promises to be.

Would you and I be able to do the same? Only if we put the same amount of effort into doing what he did. And making that much effort effectively. But you still can pay only $78 a month for your Model 3, which may end up as a pretty decent business in itself.

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