There's no doubt that Tesla is struggling financially. However, that's to be expected of an innovative, start-up automaker. In fact, anyone who expects times for Tesla to be easy is sorely mistaken.

Times won't be easy for Tesla for many years. Many other age-old automakers have already gone bankrupt. It's not an easy industry, to say the least.

Nonetheless, despite naysayers, Tesla stock shorters, and incredible adversity, Tesla has continued to prevail. 

Oftentimes, in situations like Tesla is dealing with, it's really hard to offer freebies or immediately correct problematic issues, though such things are expected and should be so. If times are already troubled, going the extra distance can seem extra-difficult. 

Nonetheless, while Tesla receives much negative press for what it can't (or is unable to do or fix), it also gets much praise from owners for what it is able to assist with and achieve.

In this recent video share from the popular What's Inside Family YouTube channel, Tesla has come through time and time again. You'll have to check out the video to get all the details. Then, we'd love for you to share your Tesla experiences with us.

Video Description via What's Inside Family on YouTube:

Tesla Keeps Giving Me FREE Tires!

Tesla Tires & Wheels - they keep coming back into my life!


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