Have you ever imagined your life without emails? Or browsing for a restaurant, an attraction, a concert or any other information, trivial or sophisticated? Probably not, but the fact is that all these things were once seen as superfluous or even plain weird. Now they are more than normal. They are essential to modern living. This is the point Electrify America makes when comparing EVs with these resources at their infancy.

The company created an awareness campaign called “Normal Now”. It has a website that looks very 1990s and also two videos that show what people spoke about internet services and resources right at the beginning. We have chosen the email video as the main one, but there is also this one about online dating.


What would these guys think about Tinder and other dating apps in the 1990s? Probably exactly what many people still believe EVs are, as a recent Cox Automotive study showed us.

On the website www.normalnow.com, Electrify America presents EVs as cars driven by regular people. And are normal automobiles – as Jaguar wants the Oxford Dictionary to recognize – with very ordinary test drives.

Campaign For EVs Compares Them To Internet Resources At The Beginning

It is important to tell everyone they can and probably should consider buying an EV, but the other arguments are much more convincing. Especially because they address what holds people back from even considering that, as Cox Automotive and Autolist have presented.

Campaign For EVs Compares Them To Internet Resources At The Beginning

EVs are cheaper to run and to service. Buying one requires an amount of money that is “more normal than you think.” Their instant torque makes them very good to drive. Finally, they “go normal distances.” At least if they do not have to tow three horses around.

Will the campaign make more people consider buying an EV? Especially one that is not a Tesla? We will have to wait for practical results, but the campaign is not normal. It is a very interesting perspective on electric cars. And a very cool one.

Gallery: Campaign For EVs Compares Them To Internet Resources At The Beginning

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