An expensive car is an expensive car. When it comes to luxury-mobiles, even if you get a "good" deal, you're never going to be able to say it was a cheap car. Add ridiculous depreciation, expensive repairs, and oftentimes terrible fuel economy, and it's going to cost you a pretty penny.

When it comes to owning a Tesla, this may not be the case. In fact, you may be quite shocked at how much money you can save rather than spend.

Tesla touts its cars' "price with potential savings," which many people find confusing and even think is unfair. However, many Tesla fans and owners argue that they actually aren't paying as much as you think, due to these savings.

Kim from Like Tesla breaks some of this down for us to make it more clear. According to her analysis, a Tesla Model X is $50,000 cheaper than you might think. How is this even possible?

Clearly, Kim is comparing the "savings" much like Tesla does. Perhaps that's why the YouTube channel is called "Like Tesla"? However, she has some of her own interesting insight.

Kim lists free Supercharging, waiting for a Model Y, the "Hummer" business tax loophole, the U.S. federal EV tax rebate, and tons of new updates despite a $20,000 reduction in the Model X's starting price.

You'll have to check out the video for a better understanding of how this can save you $50,000. Once you've watched it, leave us your thoughts down below.

Video Description via Like Tesla on YouTube:

Genius LOOPHOLES That Make Model X $50,000 Cheaper Than You Think!


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