There is a wide array of Tesla fans and supporters out there, many of which have started blogs and popular YouTube channels. Likely due to their vested interest — whether it's stock ownership, taking advantage of the Tesla referral program, or simply wanting to help push Tesla's mission and convert people to EV ownership — they can tend to be extremely Tesla-positive in many cases.

However, from time to time, we see some negativity. In some cases, it's clearly an article or video about a particular issue with a Tesla vehicle, which they may have a solution for. Or, perhaps the hope is that exposing it will cause the automaker to take notice and fix it. We've definitely seen that work on numerous occasions. Other times, there are simply some "cons" mixed in with a video share that's primarily about Tesla's "pros."

In this particular case, Tesla fan, owner, and ultra-popular YouTuber Kim from Like Tesla interviewed an ex-employee of the automaker. If you recall, he had some not-so-positive things to share. According to Kim, there was quite a bit of discussion and feedback related to the interview.

Now, she's back to tell us more and share exactly why Like Tesla decided to publish the "tell-all." Kim also talks about Tesla's response. Like many others — which you can see in the YouTube comment section — we appreciate Kim's willingness to look at issues from both sides. It's critical for people in her position, who may influence several folks, to remain honest and objective.

Check out the video and let us know what you think.

Video Description via Like Tesla on YouTube:

Why We Published The Ex-Tesla Tell All & TESLA Responds!

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