After a year behind the wheel, what's it like driving/owning a Model 3?

This extensive 1-year Tesla Model 3 review covers it all from range, to driving experience, quality issues and onto even cold-weather problems. Is the Model 3 worth it?

Once the newness wears off, some cars lose their coolness factor. Is the Model 3 one of those cars? Or does it remain an excellent choice after one year behind the wheel?

Since we at InsideEVs have not yet owned a Model 3 for a year (see our What Do I Drive series for more on the cars we own), we turn it over to Tesla Canuck on YouTube for some insight.

Tesla Canuck has often been vocal about his Model 3 issues, but problems aside, is the Model 3 a car he'd buy again? More importantly, is the Model 3 a car he'd recommend others to buy?

You can probably guess the answers to these question from the lead image of this post, but Tesla Canuck does an excellent job of laying it all out in video form, so give the clip a watch if buying/owning the Model 3 is of interest to you.

Video description via Tesla Canuck on YouTube:

An honest Tesla Model 3 review covering quality, winter driving, range loss, maintenance, operating costs, lessons learned, and overall owner satisfaction.

Would I recommend the Tesla Model 3 one year later?

Video is indexed below.

Intro: 0:01

Quality impressions: 1:19

Battery range loss: 6:59

Winter driving: 10:00

Maintenance: 14:25

Operating costs: 15:53

Owner satisfaction: 16:57