Some analysts believe electric pickup trucks will appeal to a public that is very much into an active lifestyle. Some farmers believe they are science fiction or something plain pointless. Ford expects to sell them for farmers. But a new video gives us a very comprehensive idea of who will buy them. And for what reasons.

Sean, from the Detached Garage YouTube channel, gave six main rationales on why he decided to reserve his Rivian R1T. And some of them are not so obvious, such as sustainability or energy efficiency, which are inherent to all EVs.

One of the main things put into consideration by Sean is that the new pickup truck promises to be fun. It will go very fast from 0 to 60 mph (3 seconds), it will have a low center of mass and it is being benchmarked against cars such as a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S.

Sean tells us that he once had a pickup truck and it was not the wisest decision to buy it since it needed its capabilities for very little time with the burden of a thirsty engine. The R1T can be used as a regular vehicle with very little running costs. So it can be used on a day to day basis where he lives.

Rivian R1T

Another point that called Sean’s attention was the fact that the Rivian pickup truck is designed in a way it will be upgradable. If any new and interesting technology arises, Rivian will put it in the R1T and make it better. It is a promise the Nobe 100 also makes.

There are many more points Sean uses to justify his decision – four more, to be precise – but one of them called our attention right away. He is sure to have made a good move in reserving the R1T because of the Tank steer we have presented in a recent article.


Although it has many critics, this sort of skid steer in offroad applications –  if confirmed – can lead people to want an electric pickup truck. And that is not surprising at all. Just for the critics, of course.

Watch the video to check all the reasons for reserving an R1T. You can also follow the tips Sean gives for having an EV in your garage or even suggest some more. Either on YouTube or here in the comments.

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