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Some of you may remember a Dr. Lyle Dennis. He started a site called GM-Volt to promote electric vehicles and I was hooked. I got actively involved in the forum there and finally got my 2012 Chevrolet Volt a year or so later. Being a Mechanical Engineer, the Volt fascinated me. It was a mechanical engineer's dream come true. It was very complicated and I wanted to know everything about the car.

I bought a device called a DashDaq that allowed me to capture all the internal data from the car and make detailed engineering plots. I wrote lots of articles on the Volt detailing how it worked. That is where I met Keith Ritter (HVACman), another mechanical engineer, and we are still writing articles together.

What did I think of the Volt overall? 

I really liked my Volt. It was very reliable and it was fun to drive. Keith still has his but mine was a three-year lease, which in retrospect was good because the car depreciated pretty fast.

chapmanvolt photo2

Was there anything I didn't like?

The only thing I didn’t like about the Volt was that you couldn’t take it on a long road trip without adversely effecting your lifetime MPG and I spend more time on the road than in town.

Like many of us, I wanted a Tesla but could not afford a $100,000 car so I waited until the used prices got down to around $50,000 and picked up a 2012 Tesla Model S. It was out of its four-year general warranty, so I lived in dread of a huge repair bill for some out-of-warranty issue.

The first summer I had my 2012 Model S I took a Supercharger trip to California from Arizona to visit my sister. On the way across the desert to Barstow it was around 115 degrees F outside. I left the last Supercharger when the car’s navigation system said I had enough charge to make it to Barstow. However, as soon as I left the Supercharger the car was predicting I would not make it.

I learned later that this is normal and if you wait a bit you get some range back, but I was a newbie to the car and a bit panicked because it was so hot outside. In order to conserve battery, I ended up having to turn the A/C off and drive at 45 MPH. Once I got about an hour into the trip my range recovered and I was able to turn the A/C back on ... but the A/C wasn’t working very well and it couldn’t get the interior temp below 85 degrees F.

I shrugged it off and finally got to Barstow for the night. The next day I was going to Sacramento. It was hot again and the A/C had all but quit, so I turned it off and made the rest of the trip to Sacramento with no A/C.

How was I liking my new Model S so far?

You can guess the answer to that. The next day I had to take a day off and go to the service center outside of Sacramento. My A/C was not under warranty anymore, so my big fear of a huge out-of-warranty repair bill looked like it might come true. However, the service center repaired my A/C for no charge and I was a happy camper.

The service center said I had a slow leak in my front tire so my next stop was a tire shop to get that fixed. Turns out it was a cracked rim (mine had the nice 21” rims on it). The tire shop could not get it fixed so I was on my way again — no problem, just put air in the tire every day and I was OK. I’d get the rim fixed when I got home (a refurbished rim cost me $700 back in Phoenix). Here’s another thing about the 21” rims: they look nice but they are a PITA. Curb rash is a never-ending issue. 

I’ll shorten up the rest of the old Model S story. The left door handle quit working a year later but I fixed it myself for $100. The final straw was the center screen replacement out of warranty. 

Did I mention that the Volt was a very reliable car?

Motoramic's Long Term Review: 2012 Tesla Model S

So what did I do after my experience with the old Tesla Model S? 

Having learned my lesson, I ran right out and bought another Tesla. It’s the Model 3 Long Range RWD version and it charges to 325 miles range.

How do I like it?

So far, I love it. 325 miles range is unbelievable. It has autosteer, so long trips are a joy. It makes our weekly commutes to Phoenix an effortless pleasure. So far, I have not had any issues with the car, and even if I do, I have a warranty. I’ll never own another Tesla unless it has a warranty. It is 10 times better than the old Model S. My vampire drain is significantly reduced compared to the Model S. I like the Model 3's size and it is not prone to curb rash as I have the standard 18” aero wheels. Model S was too big. 

What don’t I like about the Model 3?

The trunk.

That’s why I have a reservation for a Tesla Model Y.

Some people never learn.    

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