Chevrolet didn't change its MSRP price for the Bolt EV ($36,620 + $875 DST) after entering the phase-out of the federal tax credit (currently at $3,750, down from $7,500), but it doesn't mean that consumers are buying Bolt EVs at effectively higher prices. It's possible that many purchases are simply done at deeper discounts from the unchanged MSRP.

One of the examples is a new Chevrolet Memorial Day Sale from Chevrolet of Stevens Creek dealer in San Jose, which offers a new Bolt EV (LT trim) for $106* a month (for 36 months, 10,000 miles, $5,995 due at signing after all rebates).

Five vehicles available for the deal have an effective monthly cost of nearly $273 ($3,816 + $5,995 due at signing divided by 36 months), excludes tax and fees.

Also, the purchase offers are way below the MSRP according to company's website (up to more than $10,000 off MSRP):

Chevrolet Bolt EV example deals - May 2019
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