Shrewd buyers in the market for a plug-in could do worse than picking up one of the last examples of the Chevrolet Volt. General Motors is throwing some big incentives at the now-defunct vehicle in the hopes they don't linger around dealerships too much longer. 

The 2019 Volt is now available with a $3,000 cash rebate in the U.S., according to Green Car Reports. Remaining 2018 Volts can be had for 18 percent off MSRP, which amounts to as much as $7,000 off the sticker price. While GM's plug-ins are no longer eligible for the full $7,500 federal tax credit, having reached the 200,000-unit threshold at the end of 2018, new Volts still qualify for $3,750 of that credit through September. 

Despite receiving a round of small, but significant, upgrades for 2019, production of the Volt ended in February following the announcement last fall to end production. The Detroit/Hamtramck plant that the Volt was produced in is set to close altogether early next year. GM announced the closures earlier this year and pinned them on slumping demand for sedans and other cars.

For those interested in a range extender, the Volt still has a lot going for it in terms of EV range (53 miles, according to the EPA), and the 2019 model garnered useful additions such as a 7.2-kW onboard charger and an optional power driver's seat. But it's still a car and, in a world where people like even their EVs to look like SUVs, its already meager sales didn't stand a chance. 

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