Chevrolet Volt production already came to an end and now the last copies are on sale. Chevrolet announced significant discounts of up to 18% off MSRP.

***UPDATE: It seems part of this deal only applies to 2018 Volts. Please check with your local dealer for more info.

The current set of deals for the month of May (with delivery required by the end of May) were listed by GM Authority:

  • 2019 Volt MSRP-based discount: 18 percent below MSRP on most models
  • 2018 Volt customer cash: $3,000 customer cash
  • 2018 Volt financing offer: $1,000 APR cash + 0 percent APR (interest-free) for 72 months (does not apply to base model)
  • 2019 Volt customer cash: $3,000 customer cash

The 2019 Volt starts from $33,520 (2018 from $33,220), before destination charge and before deducting the $3,750 federal tax credit. 18% less would be a bit over $28,400.

During the first four months of this year, Chevrolet sold some 2,925 Volts in the U.S. (including 405 in April), compared to 4,803 a year earlier.


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