Perhaps you can partake in free charging?

We're very excited that DRIVEtheARC is willing and able to offer promotions to our electric car driving/owning community here at InsideEVs.

DRIVEtheARC is in the midst of a free CHAdeMO charging campaign right now at 25 stations in Northern California. How do you partake in this? Well, all you've got to do is download the DRIVEtheARC app and become a registered user to be eligible for the campaign. Who doesn't like free?

Don't fret. The procedure is very easy and fast.. First, search for a charger in the app. Then, click on the "get PromoTicket" button. Once you arrive in front of the charger, scan the QR code on the charger screen using DRIVEtheARC app. You can now use the charging station for free. It's that simple.

The DRIVEtheARC app works by navigating reachable stations depending on SOC. In addition, it can display the station’s availability in real time, which is especially important in areas where chargers are often highly used. Since EV drivers can easily find a charging station by using DRIVEtheARC app, they can enjoy such things as driving to Lake Tahoe and Monterey via DRIVEtheARC corridor.

Detailed information related to DRIVEtheARC’s campaign can be found here.

Stay tuned for new information on this exciting campaign in the near future.


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