There must be logic behind the choice, or is it all just emotion?

As the majority of all-electric cars sold in the U.S. are Teslas. It's a valid question as to why? Do those Tesla cars bring so much more value compared to other models?

Cooley On Cars recently listed five reasons why people buy Tesla cars, based on customer opinions.

Those reasons are fun, proven long range, Supercharging network, mobile service and confidence in Autopilot (although this reason has decreased over time). We assume that the fun (also acceleration), range and Supercharging are the major reasons for choosing a Tesla over other electric cars.

From the video description:

Top 5 reasons to buy a Tesla: Never mind insane mode, here's what really moves Tesla cars. Brian Cooley breaks down the reasons why people want to buy the Model Y, Model 3 and Model S more than other EVs on the market -

5. The Supercharger network

4. EV Range

3. Tesla Mobile Service

2. Autopilot Confidence

1. Most Fun to Own

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