Today's low is approximately $160 per mile of range.

Decreasing battery prices and competition on the all-electric car market leads to a more and more attractive ratio of price (MSRP + destination charge) per mile of EPA range.

Data coming from our Compare EVs card indicates that today's benchmark for a long-range BEVs is at around $160 per mile (before the federal tax credit is applied and below $130 per mile after the federal tax credit).

The king of both comparisons is the Chevrolet Bolt EV ($158/mile), although the Tesla Model 3 Long Range (RWD) almost matched the Bolt EV at $162/mile.

Models that are not long-range due to smaller battery capacity got worse marks - Nissan LEAF with 40 kWh battery (2/3 of Bolt EV) is above $200/mile.

We are very interested in the Hyundai Kona Electric, which can drive up to 258 miles (EPA) - 20 miles more than the Bolt EV, but U.S. pricing isn't available yet, so we can't toss it in the mix.

The fanciest of BEVs, high-end or ultra-short-range, can cost you $450-$500 per mile of range.

BEVs price (MSRP + DST) per mile of EPA range comparison – some models estimated

U.S.' Most Affordable BEVs Per Mile Of Range: Comparison