When considering only $15,000-ish used, is the Chevrolet Volt the cheapest car to drive?

Wouldn't it be fantastic if more people realized that they can pick up a used Chevrolet Volt for $15,000 or even less and it will only cost them pennies for their daily driving? While its battery is just large enough to offer compelling (really class-topping) range, it's small enough that it doesn't take very long to charge and you'll barely notice the impact on your home electric bill. In addition, it's fairly sporty and unique as well.

Most Volt drivers rarely use gas -- aside from road trips or extenuating circumstances -- and if you look at many of these used Volts' lifetime mile-per-gallon, you'll discover that it often sits between 100-200 mpg! That's a crazy figure, but it's because of the above-mentioned fact that it's not very common for Volt drivers to use the gas engine often. Added to this, let's say you find a used Chevrolet Volt with some 30,000 to 50,000 total miles. There's a really good chance that only 10 percent of these miles are on the gas engine itself.

As with any used car, there are a plethora of variables, so we can't guarantee that you'll find the perfect Volt with low miles, a cheap price, high lifetime mpg, little use of the gas engine, and minimal wear and tear. However, though you may have to spend some time searching and expand your search area (depending on where you live), you may be pleasantly surprised at the possibilities.

YouTuber WatchJRGo takes us on a deeper dive about owning a Chevrolet Volt. He says while the car is not necessarily the best car for the environment, it will definitely save you money. We agree on the saving money part, but after everything we've shared and he shares, we disagree somewhat on the environment part. We go so far as to say that the Volt may be the best car Chevrolet has built to date, with some disclaimers and caveats for sure. Anyhow, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via WatchJRGo on YouTube:

Is The CHEVY VOLT The Cheapest $15,000 Car To Drive?

We're talking about the car that saves your wallet, not the environment, and probably not the hunger for speed. For me, buying a Chevy Volt was an obvious choice because it's impossible to beat the ownership costs and I drive a lot of long distance where it really shines (also the Tesla just can't go places the Volt can). I just wish it had AutoPilot.

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