Nissan makes the LEAF more affordable to SCE customers.

Nissan again tries to increase sales of the LEAF the in U.S. by offering discounts to customers of its partners. Recently, Southern California Edison announced a $3,000 rebate on the LEAF for its residential customers and employees.

Combined with the $7,500 federal tax credit, LEAFs can be had for at least $10,500 below MSRP. You can also get a $450 SCE’s Clean Fuel Rewards rebate (details).

This should surely improve sales. However, despite the introduction of the second-generation LEAF, it seems that this year sales will be around half of the LEAF's best times back in 2014 (30,200 compared to 10,686 through the first nine months of 2018).

Nissan LEAF sales in U.S. - September 2018

"The rebate offer is good at authorized Nissan dealerships and is good through Jan. 2, 2019, or while vehicle supplies last, whichever comes first. You can find a dealership near you using Nissan’s dealer locator tool.

To take advantage of the offer, bring a copy of both sides of the incentive flyer and proof of current employment at SCE or a copy of your current bill from SCE. If you live at the address on the SCE bill, but your name isn’t on it, you will need your driver’s license that reflects the same address on the bill."

"EV owners also save money on maintenance and lower fuel costs. Charging an electric car at home is equal to paying less than $2 per gallon of gasoline.

To make EV charging more convenient, SCE recently launched the Charge Ready Home Installation Rebate Program. The program helps residential customers offset the cost of installing infrastructure that can lower average charging times to 5 1/2 hours or less depending on the car make and model. The faster charging, or Level 2 charging, consists of a professionally installed charger connected to a 240-volt AC outlet, the kind commonly used by washers and dryers. Plus, every LEAF comes with a standard trickle charge cord that can plug into a standard 120V outlet. Nissan also has other charging solutions available that reduce the charging time of the LEAF.

In addition to the Clean Fuel Rewards rebate program and the Charge Ready Home Installation Rebate Program, SCE also has different electric rate options to help customers save money. These plans include special rates offering lower costs for charging off-peak or overnight. The EV Rate Assistant tool can help customers determine a rate that is best for them."

Katie Sloan, SCE’s director of Transportation Electrification said:

“Transportation accounts for nearly half of California’s greenhouse gas emissions and more than 80 percent of its air pollution. Driving a zero-emissions car contributes to creating healthier, cleaner air for all Southern Californians.”

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