The time has already begun to partake in a used Tesla Model 3.

Some of us have been eagerly awaiting the day that we can buy a used Tesla Model 3. While the reality is that it may be years before there is a wealth of used Model 3s at discounted prices, you can already get your hands on a demo Model 3 with a decent deal in many markets. One might assume that these cars are only popping up in California, but that's not really the case. We suggest scouring the internet on a daily basis if this is something you're interested in pursuing.

As CleanTechnica has exposed, you should surely reach out to your local Tesla Service Center. Apparently, Tesla is doing everything it can to sell every Model 3 they have on hand. This includes any demo units, which seem to be discounted some $1,500 to almost $3,000. CT discovered these cars in Florida in the Tampa/Sarasota area, but further research proved they are available throughout the U.S.

It's important to note that CleanTechnica was informed by a Tesla salesperson that you can't apply a referral code to get free supercharging on a Tesla Model 3 Long Range, however, you can do so if you buy a used Model 3 Performance.

Source: Clean Technica


Gallery: You Can Now Buy A Discounted Tesla Model 3 Demo Car


Gallery: You Can Now Buy A Discounted Tesla Model 3 Demo Car

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