Black cars look better in the shade!

If you're looking for a solid electric vehicle bargain, it's hard to do better than this 2015 LEAF S. This was the last model year to offer the 24-kWh battery and so the market has discounted its price all the way down to $10,000 for this example, painted in cool-looking Super Black. That's a far cry from its original MSRP of $30,680. If its 84-mile (when new) EPA range works for your driving patterns, then why pay more?

This Nissan LEAF is a great around-town commuter. It pulls strong off the line, yet has a ride tuned to tame the harsh pavement in U.S. cities. For 2015, it did see some minor improvements made to the model, with the S, like the one here, receiving standard “B-Mode,” which engages regenerative braking more aggressively while decelerating.

Interestingly, this particular LEAF is on the market now because of another name in electric vehicles. According to the seller's story (below), his Tesla Model 3 was produced far earlier than anticipated, so the EV he had picked up to tide him over had to be let go after only a couple months of ownership.

The car is currently located in Montgomery County, Maryland and you can get a delivery estimate on the website. Since the site is free for buyers and sellers, there is no commission or fees involved for either party. In fact, you can message the owner directly through the site to make arrangements or perhaps negotiate a better deal.

Below is the seller's story for this vehicle:


I bought this car in May 2018 because I was told by Tesla that my model 3 would not be delivered until February 2019. In August, I got the email that my Model 3 is ready. I really like this car, but I am hoping I will like my model 3 more....



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