And why you shouldn't.

Since the Tesla Model 3 first started rolling off the line back in the summer of 2017 until now, availability has been limited to the United States and Canada for the most part. We have seen an example of the mid-sized electric sedan in Russia, but it wasn't delivered through official Tesla channels. Instead, they may have gotten it through a 3rd party reseller, and if you live in an as-yet-to-be-supported area, you can too.

Before going any further, we should warn against actually buying a new Model 3 in an unsupported region. There are any number of issues which could arise, depending on the laws in your area, which could possibly impinge on the enjoyment of your purchase. For instance, it may be considered a grey market vehicle by local authorities and impounded for destruction. Or, it might also experience an issue that would require a Tesla technician to resolve. There's a good chance the company would refuse to help and make itself potentially liable in such a case.

But say you have tons of cash and don't mind the not-negligible risk, there appear to be options. Bozi Tatarevic, who runs the @Hoonable Twitter account and spends his days in a mountaintop cave with Wi-Fi access shuffling through arcane digital documents searching for interesting bits of automotive-related information, tweeted (embedded below) earlier today his discovery of the Tesla Model 3 on the global trade site for $72,500. (The listing also states if you buy 30 units, you can pay as little as $54,000, but this is probably a flaw with the Alibaba website, which is structured for business-to-business transactions. We're pretty certain this is not legitimate pricing.)

Apparently, this sum would get you a Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor with Long Range battery, which Tesla offers for $54,000, with the actual transaction being arranged through vehicle broker North American Global Exchanges. We know what you're wondering and here's the answer: Yes, according to the Alibaba listing, they do accept cryptocurrencies.

Interestingly, the N.A. Global Exchanges website also has a number of other plug-in vehicles available, including a pair of Karma Reveros. Again, while these transactions may be possible, we don't believe they are a practical solution to being the first on your Beijing block to have a Model 3 in your driveway. Though it may be frustrating to see others enjoying their cars from a distance, it's highly recommended you wait until you can buy a supported vehicle through official channels.


Source: @Hoonable via Twitter

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