Get charged for cheap!

So, you just splurged on a plug-in car, and you'd like to get a home charging station (EVSE) in order to cut down your charging times. Good call. However, the ol' budget just isn't feeling it. We hear you. And so does ClipperCreek.

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The company, which has been offering no-frills, bulletproof charging since 2006, is now offering factory-certified, pre-owned examples of models at reduced prices. Instead of paying as much as $499 for one of its low-power (12-20 amp) charging options, such as the LCS-30, you can call them up and order it for $300. That's the price for any of the models in the LCS series. Need a higher power EVSE? The HCS series are $400. That's right, these prices are for all power levels and plug types, including the hard-wired versions.

According to its website, the used units come with a one-year warranty, installation guide. and a connector holster to keep the J1772 connector off the floor. To see how the wall-mounted models are installed, check out the demonstration video below.

To order, you'll have call them up or drop them an email to see if they have what you want in stock. Not every configuration may be in stock.

Source: ClipperCreek

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