The great $10,000 off MSRP America-wide, 2017 Nissan LEAF sell-a-thon continues!

Nissan North America is now offering the popular deal to the University of Oregon - a special $10,000 discount on the 2017 LEAF.  When used in conjunction with the base 30 kWh/107 mile LEAF, the MSRP drops to just $20,680...and of course the federal $7,500 tax credit is also on the table as well (great for "lease math").

2017 Nissan LEAF

2017 Nissan LEAF

According to the press release, the deal is part of an initiative by the UO Office of Sustainability to help UO community members make environmentally friendly choices.

In reality, it seems like any organization or utility that has a reach of more than a few thousand potential customers for Nissan can hook up the rebate (see here, here, here, etc. for just a few examples of past $10k club buys).

It is clear this is one of the main vehicles for Nissan to continue to unload the 2017 LEAF prior to the introduction of next-generation, 2018 model-year in September.

The offer is addressed to faculty, students, and staff (see online flyer).

"Simply show proof of employment, a student ID, from the University of Oregon and a copy of this flyer at your participating Nissan dealership to receive a $10,000 rebate (off MSRP4) on a new 2017 Nissan LEAF! This limited time offer expires 9/30/2017 or while supplies last (whichever occurs first), and cannot becombined with any other Nissan special lease, APR or rebate."

"Last year hundreds of people attended the rEVUP Eugene workshops conducted by the sustainability office in partnership with EWEB, the city of Eugene and Drive Oregon. The program helped educate local residents about the realities of owning an electric vehicle.

A total of 35 electric cars were sold through the program, many to UO faculty and staff. Mital said they intend to keep the program going as long as it remains popular."

Sustainability director Steve Mital said:

“The Office of Sustainability is committed to helping individuals and the UO reduce carbon emissions. Switching to an electric car is the most significant practical action local households can take to reduce emissions. Prices are decreasing and range is increasing. So this is becoming an affordable and convenient option for more and more people.”

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